As our products are sold through Shareware marketing (try-before-you-buy), where you download and actually use the program for 30 days on your computer, we do not have a return policy. We want you to be sure that this is the program that fits your needs before you pay a penny for it, that’s why we have the 30 day trial period.

Our on-line store is provided by eSellerate and the purchase link below will take you to the ZPAY shopping page on eSellerate.

For First Time Purchasers of AutoLogonWindow.

ZPAY has other products which you also may be interested in:

Products like PayWindow a full service Payroll Software package.

And we have TimeClockWindow, which is a software time clock to track your employee’s time and attendance. This also interfaces with PayWindow already mentioned.

You will also find TimeBillingWindow which is a great way to track your time if you perform work for clients such as lawyers, consultants, web developers and such.