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Only $29.95

This add-on tool for Internet Explorer will make your Internet Experience better by managing all of your Bookmarks or Favorites as they are called in Internet Explorer accessible at all times no matter what program you are currently in.

Only $29.95 Not only will it manage the Favorites for you, but they will be accessible by a single click of the AutoLogonWindow Tray Icon to pop up the list in a "Start Menu" type format. A second click on the Favorite that you want and Internet Explorer will open with the website that you picked. Yes Two mouse clicks and Internet Explorer pops into action and your website is open!


Wait, it gets better... There are many website that require a password to use. AutoLogonWindow will store those passwords along with the keyboard sequence to enter the logon information to automatically log you into those website's. Sites like web based email such as Google or Yahoo mail, banking sites, stores that you frequent, PayPal and many more. Now you can have all of those different passwords and logon's managed with a single master password!

Take a look at how easy it is to open your Favorites:

AutologonWindow Tray Icon Access

Here are some of the features you will find in AutoLogonWindow:

• Runs under Windows 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7. Windows 8 and Windows 10.
• Automatically sets up for your password protected website's
• Secure encrypted data file that stores all of you links and passwords
• You only need to remember one master password
• Automatically logs into double logon page systems which are starting to become popular
• Can also store links to your favorite website's as well as the password protected sites
• Besides website's, you can have links to launch your favorite applications from the Tray Icon
• Always Ready - Runs as a Tray Icon for fast and easy access via the tray popup menu
• No more notes in your desk for all of those passwords, keep it safe and organized and accessible
• Built in tools to check for duplicate entries and easily delete them
• Built in tools to test for dead links so you can see at a glance which website's are not accessible

As we said above, this is a Secure Password Manager in a convenient Tray Icon application that automatically logs you in to secure websites. Securely stores passwords and logon information that you can access with a single master password. Quick and easy to use! AutoLogonWindow automatically memorizes and securely stores your passwords and logon information, so you will never forget them again. Enjoy easy, one-click logins to your online accounts. So many websites now requires a password, and it's becoming difficult to remember and manage them all. With AutoLogonWindow, you remember one password, AutoLogonWindow remembers the rest. AutoLogonWindow memorizes and securely stores your passwords and logon information, so you will never forget them again. Enjoy easy, one-click logon's to your online accounts.

AutoLogonWindow allows you to: •Manage your Internet passwords and Logon to websites automatically.
• Supports Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and runs under Windows 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
• From a Tray Icon, pop up a menu of your favorite websites and password protected websites and log on with a single click.
• Store all of your passwords and logon information in an encrypted database and use a single master password for access.
• Backup and copy your passwords between computers.
• Automatically retrieve the logon information to store in the secure database the first time you use a password protected website.

If you use more than one password protected website, you already know how confusing it can be to manage the passwords for the different websites. We can make this easy for you!

It seems every site has their own set of rules. You like to keep it simple and then you see a set of rules like this: •The password must be at least 8 characters long.

• The password must contain at least:
◦ one alpha character [a-zA-Z];
◦ one numeric character [0-9];
◦ one special character from this set:
` ! @ $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ ] ; : ' " , < . > / ?
• The password must not:
◦ contain spaces;
◦ begin with an exclamation [!] or a question mark [?];
◦ contain your logon ID.
• The first 3 characters cannot be the same.
• The sequence of the first 3 characters cannot be in your logon ID.
• The first 8 characters cannot be the same as in your previous password.
• Passwords are treated as case sensitive.

Once you start creating these complex passwords, it becomes a real chore to manage them. Not any longer, we have the solutions to manage your passwords in one easy to use password management tool that just requires you to remember one master password to access all of your passwords. We will even take care of opening Internet Explorer and going to the password protected page and enter your logon information for you.

AutoLogonWindow Main Screen

Click Here For a Flash Demo on Easy Password Logon with AutoLogonWindow

To make it easy in setting up AutoLogonWindow, you can download this file and print it out to help in setup and use. Click here for Adobe Acrobat document of instructions.

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