AutoLogonWindow Manual
AutoLogonWindow Quick Start

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 8.0 or newer you must set AutoLogonWindow to run as an administrator Please follow these steps:
This can be done by Right Clicking on the AutoLogonWindow Desktop Icon and then select "Open file location" as seen below.
Then Right Click on the alw.exe Icon and select Properties like seen below
Then select the Compatibility Tab as seen below, and check the "Run this program as an administer" option and click OK to save.
That's all it takes to set the program to run as an Administrator.
After installing AutoLogonWindow, you will be required to enter a master password. You can change this later under the "Admin" tab and then select the "Properties" button. But for now enter a password that you can easily remember. You will need to enter it twice so we can assure that it was entered correctly.
IMPORTANT: The data is saved in an encrypted data file and we cannot retrieve any forgotten master passwords.
Then click on the "Start using AutoLogonWindow" button.
Now you will see the main screen to AutoLogonWindow. You will notice below that we have entered four example entries that lead to different areas of our website. These are not password protected and you can visit them to see how AutoLogonWindow works.
To visit one of the links, simply select the link, and since these are not password protected just click on the Logon button as you see below. The website will open.
Now comes the fun part. We will show you how to add a password protected website with Internet Explorer. Click on the Add "using IE" button as seen below.
Then the window you see below will open. In this page, enter the name for the link that you want to use, the URL to the page where the logon name and password request will be displayed and a Keyword that you want this to be listed under. If it is an existing Keyword, it can be selected from the list using the "Keywords' button. Once you have done this, click on the "Next" button.
The website URL that you entered above will open in Internet Explorer. Now you will enter in your logon name and password and click the "Submit" or whatever they use for a "I'm ready to enter" button or link. AutoLogonWindow will automatically retrieve the information and store it for you.
If everything went according to our normal expected results you will see a message that your Password has been saved. Simply click the "OK" button to return to the main screen.
Now you will see your newly added website.
Once your list has grown, you can use the "Keywords" buttons to select just the items matching the selected keyword as shown below. And if you click on the new password protected website and click on the Logon "and Submit" button, AutoLogonWindow will open that website and insert your logon information and logon for you.
And that's not all… AutoLogonWindow can be minimized to the System Tray and you can use that Icon for quick access to your websites. Note: If you "double click" with the left mouse button the main window will open. 
Clicking with the right mouse button opens the popup menu as seen below and you can select your site and launch Internet Explorer to logon from that quick popup menu.